Tricanna Industries

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In an ever-changing time very similar to the prohibition of alcohol in Canada in the 1920s, cannabis was dawning on a new era… Legalization. In their search for somewhere to lay their roots, Ten-Ten found a building formerly used for the creation of Canadian Club Rye Whiskey, the Hiram Walker building in Lake Country, BC. Fittingly following in the footsteps of the prohibition era the building was a perfect fit for the new venture and became the location of Ten-Ten’s new home.

The building is left empty for countless years, and needless to say, needed some work. Walls were torn down, walls were put up, and the environment was transformed with Steve’s vision in mind. It had to be just right, it had to be perfect, in order to be the new home for Ten-Ten. As Steve always says “it always will be and always has started with the plant, without the plant nothing grows.”

A dream finally becomes a reality. After three years of ups and downs, of lefts and rights, victories and defeats, finally, the day came when a flower was formed. On February 28th of 2020, on a rare leap year, Ten-Ten obtained their official license from Health Canada for cultivation. The moment finally came after years and years of trials and tribulations, the dream to keep his company private and grow the way he wanted to was here. Finally, Steve can share his love with him and his plant with the world.

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