Tricanna Industries

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Cheap & Cheerful is a Tricanna Industries Inc. house brand dedicated to fresh, terpy, quality bud. Our selection is thoughtfully curated, emphasizing flavour, potency, aroma, and quality strains sought after by consumers. Keeping things simple is the name of the game and will make every day cheerful by delivering on potency, flavour and value!


A local BC Micro Cultivator located in Port Coquitlam, F.A.A.F.O. is dedicated to producing top tier cannabis flower for those who value quality over every metric. Meticulously grown and harvested with the utmost attention to quality and detail, FAAFO brings decades of legacy mastery to the market. F.A.A.F.O.’s Grandmaster Grower & President Paul Pruessmann’s commitment to quality rises above all. Sparing no expense and driven to ensure each and every plant is the healthiest they can be, Paul prefers to hand water and hand feed each and every plant instead of using automation, allowing him to ensure they are in fact delivering robust and consistent results. Using zero pesticides, fungicides or biological agents, F.A.A.F.O. is all about clean, quality cannabis.


Green Mile Original has a great story of Legacy growers with 55 years of combined growing experience and an absolute passion for this amazing plant. Our team of passion doesn’t end with the growers themselves, our team from start to finish actually cares about what people ingest, smoke, inhale and bring into their homes and businesses.

There are so many steps to get a great product from seed to sale and in the hands of our Canadian consumers, with great pride we do just that, coming soon to retailers near you . A craft producer with small batch capability can ensure that each batch of cannabis is perfect with the highest THC levels and terpene profiles that are sought after and have been doing just that for decades.

Our promise to each and every consumer is to have the best experience when using Green Mile Original with amazing nose, taste and experience, whether it’s Indica, heavy kush (in da couch experience), or the creativeness that comes with some of our spectacular hybrids and sativa cultivars.


For decades, the term ‘BC Bud’ has been a mark of quality
Whether grown in the Kootenays, on the Island, or in the Okanagan, cannabis harvested in British Columbia has been respected here at home and around the world for what it is: the best of the best.

Cultivators in BC have always pushed the boundaries of what ‘AAAA’ quality cannabis can really be, innovating their way through every challenge. The BC Bud Co captures that energy, and remains committed to bringing consumers products that deserve to be associated with BC’s legacy.


Magi Cannabis is a small-scale, family-owned and operated farm located on Salt Spring Island, B.C. As second-generation craft growers, we have deep love for the cannabis plants we cultivate; that love is evident in the exceptional products we work hard to create. Josh and Nadine have been dedicated to growing fine cannabis since the ‘90s.

As longtime islanders, we employ a small team of family and friends and are committed to paying living wages and providing long-term jobs for local residents. We have years of experience in medical cannabis production, and have recently completed building a Health Canada approved custom-designed facility for our Micro-Cultivation license.

At Magi Cannabis we celebrate the magic of this powerful plant medicine, which can help transform consciousness and support physical and mental health. We have deep respect for the land we live on and the water and energy we use, and are grateful to be able to offer “the gift of flowers” to discerning consumers.


HYTN formulates, manufactures, markets, and sells premium products containing psychoactive and psychotropic compounds, including cannabis-derived cannabinoids. HYTN’s mission is to become the top provider of these products in all federally regulated markets. To achieve this, the company focuses on identifying market opportunities and quickly bringing its innovative products to market through its elevated development platform.


Texada Island, with its long history of breeding and developing legendary cannabis genetics, is now home to Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis, an exciting new nursery and micro cultivation facility combining the vigour and aromas of modern genetics with the classic strains of yesterday. Weathered Islands is innovating and developing new outdoor cannabis varieties, while supplying proven outdoor seeds to licensed producers, provincial retailers and medical growers. Keep an eye out for our pre rolls, featuring our own LSO flower, available now from coast to coast!


Ancestral Seeds provides an opportunity for Cannabis enthusiasts to access greenhouse and acclimatized outdoor marijuana seeds. The unique genetics within their strains, create rare fragrances and a variety of outstanding attributes. With a familiar, yet ancient aroma, many people are enjoying the benefits of this plant which has a long history of use on our planet.


Welcome to Siren, where bold confidence meets vibrant flavour, quality, and convenience! Our brand celebrates all things juicy, red, fruity and bursting with deliciousness. Siren vapes are designed to be as vibrant and daring as you are. Our commitment to unapologetic flavours and satisfying guilty pleasures is what sets us apart. Ultimate convenience, quality and flavour – how you want it, when you want it. This is a brand for those who know what they want, a modern, flavourful and convenient alternative to flower that delivers consistent quality and satisfaction.

Fort 20 Farms

Fort 20 Farms is dedicated to delivering fresh, premium harvests to the BC market. The team meticulously hang dries, cold cures, and hand trims each batch to preserve its terpene-rich profiles, ensuring top-notch quality for consumers. With a focus on honoring tradition and preserving legacy, Fort 20 Farms leads in quality and genetic innovation in the BC craft community.