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Nano Shot 100mg Non-Solid Extract by HYTN

Our 100 mg Nano Shot is a cutting-edge non-solid extract designed to provide consumers with a fast-acting and consistent cannabis experience. Each 50 mL bottle contains 100 mg of THC, which is expertly emulsified using our proprietary Elevation Technology®. This technology allows us to create a water-based medium that is ideal for delivering precise doses of THC and ensuring rapid onset and a predictable peak effect.

The unique properties of our Elevation Technology® emulsion make it an ideal method of cannabis consumption for consumers who require precise dosing and consistent results. Unlike traditional oral ingestion of cannabis, which can be difficult to measure and may take a long time to take effect, our Nano Shot offers a more controlled and predictable experience. Consumers can easily add our citrus-flavored extract to their favorite cannabis products, allowing them to customize their dosage and tailor their cannabis experience to their individual needs.

At our core, we believe that cannabis has the power to improve lives, and we are committed to developing innovative products that make it more accessible and user-friendly for consumers. With our 100 mg Nano Shot, we are proud to offer a high-quality, medical-grade extract that is designed to meet the needs of consumers who require precise dosing and consistent results.


Case Size: 6 (Minimum Order 2 Cases)

Case Size: 12
Brand: Hytn
Unit Size: 50mL
Provincial Availability: BC
Unit GTIN: 00055665002562
Case GTIN: 10055665002569
THC Potency Range: 100mg
BC SKU: 1064435

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